Marimo Crystal Terrarium

$ 45.00

This Marimo moss ball ecosystem contains a crystal, clear quartz pebbles, black sand and sea fan in a corked glass terrarium. Moss ball measures approximately 0.5" in diameter and glass terrarium is 2.4" wide and 4" tall. Shipped in an easy to assemble kit, just add tap water.

A Marimo moss ball is a rare form of moss found in freshwater lakes and rivers where a low current form the moss into balls with a velvety appearance. They grow about 1/4" per year, and require low light. Change water every 3 weeks.

Crystal Information:

Amethyst - relieves stress, balances mood and dispels anger, fear and anxiety. It activates spiritual awareness and has strong healing properties.

Rose Quartz - opens the heart to promote love, friendship and inner healing. It also encourages self forgiveness and invokes self worth.

Lapis Lazuli - brings peace, harmony and inner self knowledge. It encourages self awareness, creativity and inspires confidence.

Obsidian - protects against negativity. It stimulates personal growth and exploration while encouraging mental clarity.

Fluorite - absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. It increases concentration, self-confidence, and balances physical and mental energy.

Clear Quartz -  increases the effect of other crystals as well as balancing out spiritual energies.

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